letter from the editors - spring 2018

As of January of 2018, Bates College had no literary arts magazine. There was no platform through which student-written work could be published on a regular basis; there was no student-curated creative publication that brought Bates writers together. We started snaggletooth to help build this community at Bates -- to foster an environment where our managing editor Olivia saying “this poem’s the tits” after reading Hope Logan’s “Thanksgiving” aloud is a valid and encouraged form of literary commentary. After only two months of meeting weekly with our dedicated, talented and spunky staff, we feel that we are truly on our way to accomplishing this goal. One of the first matters we had to settle before embarking on this project was the name. After playing with some fairly atrocious possibilities, we settled upon snaggletooth because it encapsulates the personality of what we think this magazine will come to represent. We believe that because Bates was lacking a literary arts magazine, there is a whole side of this school-community (a potentially less wholesome, impolitic underbelly) that has been missing an outlet through which it could express itself. A snaggletooth serves to represent this -- a sharp, unsettling, deeply organic thing that asserts its presence by jutting out against the grain. Lastly, we want to thank our faculty advisor Jess Anthony and our co-sponsor WRBC for making the creation and printing of this project possible!

We hope this first issue knocks your socks clean off.